Art Phillips (1930 – 2013)

Art Phillips (1930 – 2013) (1930 – 2013)

Art Phillips created the centrist political party TEAM (The Electors’ Action Movement) in 1968, which had a membership that included former B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt. He served as Mayor of the City of Vancouver from 1973 to 1977.

Mr. Phillips was instrumental in bringing social housing to Vancouver, ending plans for a downtown freeway, establishing the Property Endowment Fund and re-developing Gastown and False Creek.

He and his wife, Carole, are recognized for their generous support of health-related organizations and others. In 2011, he was awarded Vancouver’s highest honour, the Freedom of the City Award. At the ceremony, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson paid this tribute to Art: “Art Phillips helped shape Vancouver through his vision and commitment to public service. He was a champion of livability and inclusivity. During his time in office Art fundamentally changed the political and social direction of our city. He has made an indelible mark on Vancouver and his leadership and achievements continue to influence and inspire the City today.”


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