J. Haig deB. Farris, O.C., LL.D (Hon)

J. Haig deB. Farris, O.C., LL.D (Hon)

President, Fractal Capital Corp.

Haig Farris pioneered the technology venture capital industry in Canada when he co-founded Ventures West in 1972. Ventures West became the largest venture firm in Western Canada with total capital committed of over $700M. In 1990 Haig left Ventures West to start Fractal Capital which became the impetus for his mentorship and funding of many of the British Columbia technology firms over the past three decades. Haig has been a top mentor and investor in student entrepreneurs in Canada.

For over 10 years, Haig taught a course in entrepreneurship at UBC for post graduate students. This course became the catalyst for many of the most successful technology firms in BC. Haig continues to speak, lecture, mentor and author on topics of science awareness, venture investing, and the management of technology based companies.

Haig has received many awards and accolades for his countless years of service to the BC community and to Canada. In December 2016, Haig was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for his many contributions and accomplishments as well as BC Angel Investor of the year. Haig also received the Commemorative Medals of Canada for the Silver and Golden Jubilees of Her Majesty Queen of England.

Haig obtained a B.A. from UBC, and a law degree from the University Pennsylvania Law School (LLB). He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from UBC in 1997.


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