Frank Giustra, O.B.C.

Frank Giustra, O.B.C.

Frank Giustra is President and CEO of the Fiore Group, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments and companies, specializing in food and lifestyle, art and entertainment, and natural resources.

Mr. Giustra has an established track record of building natural resource companies through access to capital and creative deal-making. As President and later Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yorkton Securities in the 1990s, he grew the firm into a leading natural resource investment bank. As Chairman of Endeavour Financial from 2001 to 2007, his vision and leadership led to the successful launch of numerous resource companies, including Wheaton River Minerals Ltd. (acquired by Goldcorp Inc.), and Silver Wheaton Corporation.

By 1997, Frank’s entrepreneurial success also included the founding of Lionsgate Entertainment, now one of the world’s largest independent film companies. Today, Mr. Giustra is a significant investor in Thunderbird Entertainment, a multi-platform media production and distribution company based in Vancouver, Canada. In 2014, Mr. Giustra established Fiore Music and Westsonic Music, where he and his team write and produce songs for all genres.

Frank Giustra is a strong believer in philanthropy, and devotes much of his time to a variety of causes. In 1997, he established The Radcliffe Foundation, which supports a wide variety of international and local charities. Most recently he is responding to the on-going refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid to refugees and programs in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. In addition, the Radcliffe Foundation is a founding partner in the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), which works to assist and inspire countries around the world to open new pathways for refugee settlement by using the Canadian private sponsorship model. In 2007, Mr. Giustra and former President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, recently renamed Elevate Social Businesses (Elevate). Elevate is a social business builder that brings entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty.

Since 2005, Mr. Giustra has been an active executive member and financial supporter to the International Crisis Group, a widely recognized independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to policymakers on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict. In 2016, he donated $1M to establish the International Crisis Group Giustra Fellowship Program.

Mr. Giustra is a board member of Leagold Mining Corp., Pentanova Energy Corp., and Thunderbird Entertainment. In addition, he sits on boards of Elevate Social Businesses, Clinton Foundation, International Crisis Group, and Streetohome Foundation. Mr. Giustra is a founding patron and active supporter of the Boy’s Club Network.


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