Clarence Wallace (1893 – 1982)

Clarence Wallace (1893 – 1982) (1893 – 1982)

President, Burrard Dry Dock Ltd.

Clarence Wallace saw the benefits to creating a large sustainable shipbuilding industry on the West Coast.

Throughout the Second World War, Clarence, president of his family’s company, Burrard Dry Dock Ltd., expanded the company’s operations and built ships in support of the war effort. Many of the more established shipbuilders had been skeptical of his building goals, but Clarence firmly believed that clarity of direction and expectations would achieve excellent results. Clarence proved the skeptics wrong.

The dramatic growth and adoption of innovative shipbuilding techniques allowed Burrard Dry Dock to play an outstanding role in the development of this industry on the West Coast. Clarence’s work earned him the designation of Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1946.

Clarence was appointed Lieutenant Governor during the final years of the coalition government. He had to make the constitutionally difficult decision to ask W.A.C. Bennett, then the Premier of BC, to form a government following the indecisive 1952 election. In 1953, when Bennett was defeated in a vote in the legislature, Clarence decided to allow an election. This was a unique moment in Canadian history.

Clarence was a strong supporter of the Squamish nation such that they made him an honorary Chief for his enduring support of job training and employment.

Making well thought out decisions was one of Clarence’s leadership qualities that was with him all his life, allowing him to play a large role in shaping the community we live in today.


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