William Maurice (Maury) Young, LL.D. (Hon) (1924 – 1999)

William Maurice (Maury) Young, LL.D. (Hon) (1924 – 1999) (1924 – 1999)

President, CEO & Chairman, Finning International

William Maurice Young, commonly referred to as Maury, was born in Victoria, in 1924. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1947. He then earned a Master’s Degree of Science from MIT, under the Sloan Fellowship Program in 1960. Maury also received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from UBC in 1990.

As President and CEO of Finning Tractor, Maury transformed the company from a local family-owned CAT dealership through a public offering of Finning in 1969, into one of the largest CAT’s dealers in the world.  With that expanded capital base, he also acquired other CAT dealers and expanded internationally. This display of international vision led to the transformation of Finning into Finning International which today serves customers in numerous countries on 3 continents.

After 40 years of service, Maury retired from Finning in 1986 and pursued his many other interests, such as the controlling shareholder of Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation to establishing the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at UBC. He also helped establish a program for First Nations students at the University of Northern BC and in funding the Rediscovery program at Pearson College. Maury and his wife, Mary M. Young also participated in the funding of the Vancouver Public Library in 1993.

Throughout his life, Maury constantly sought ways to contribute to his community and the country. This led to his engagement on many public and private boards. He was often admired by the Finning employees and others with whom he worked, because he showed respect and was able to relate to people from all walks of life. He is best described by his colleagues as a true gentleman.


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