Dave Ritchie

Dave Ritchie

Loyalty and integrity are two traits synonymous with Mr. Dave Ritchie. Right from the start of his childhood in Kelowna, BC his steadfast ethics instilled the characteristics that would propel him through an amazing career and lead him to the position as one of BC’s top leaders in business. From the first auction Mr. Ritchie and his brothers would conduct to save the family business, O.K. Used Furniture Store, he was viewed as a visionary and a man of fair play in the business world.

The success of the first auction in 1958 helped Mr. Ritchie and his brothers recognize an opportunity that would soon revolutionize the way in which auctions were conducted through unreserved auctions. This was the beginnings of the company now known as Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. Although this was originally an endeavor he embarked upon with his brothers, Dave Ritchie ultimately became the driving force behind the remarkable organization that has evolved from a basic operation to a multibillion dollar worldwide enterprise and world’s largest industrial auctioneer. Despite its incredible expansion, the fundamentals have remained the same equal opportunity and honesty whether dealing internally or externally.

Mr. Ritchie leads by example from the way in which he treats his employees to the individual tailored service to each customer. This has been recognized through his numerous awards including the Distinguished Entrepreneur of the year from the University of Victoria, School of Business as well as the International Horatio Alger Award. Dave Ritchie remains one of the few Canadians ever to receive the latter award which honours the achievements of exceptional individuals who have succeeded in spite of adversity. He perpetuates these ideals through his involvement and commitment to cancer research; salmon enhancement and many other worthwhile causes.

Mr. Dave Ritchie is an inspiring individual who has risen to leadership through great vision, integrity and dedication while simultaneously facilitating others to achieve greatness alongside him.


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