L.L.G. (Poldi) Bentley, LL.D. (Hon) (1905 – 1986)

L.L.G. (Poldi) Bentley, LL.D. (Hon) (1905 – 1986) (1905 – 1986)

L.L.G. “Poldi” Bentley and his brother-in-law John G. Prentice found great success in building a small mill on the banks of the Fraser River in 1938. From this mill, they formed a plywood and veneer company called Pacific Veneer that rapidly expanded after demand for their products soared during World War II. It would eventually, through a number of acquisitions, evolve into the company we today know as Canfor, Canadian Forest Products. Possessing holdings in logging, saw mills, lumber marketing, shipping and pulp and paper, it is now one of the largest integrated forest products companies in Canada today.

Currently, Canfor employs thousands of British Columbians and is a leader in forest management and environmental stewardship. L.L.G. (Poldi) Bentley was inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame in 1982.


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